More Than An Awards Ceremony



NRG FAN FAVE Awards will celebrate Kenyan Musicians and other young MOVERS who are making great strides in the Creative Arts. The Awards will motivate young people to showcase their various talents in the Music & creative industry.
The Awards has a FULL Digital and Transparent Process that will celebrate true agents of positive change - the truly inspiring Musicians & Young Creatives.
It's Bigger

More Than An Awards

Everything we do is about supporting YOUNG Musicians & Creatives. Our central ethos for the Award is to BE MORE THAN just an awards ceremony – to connect and showcase their creative work through different platforms.
The Fans & Partners will take ownership throughout the campaign that will also showcase their stories in multiple touch points.

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The NRG FAN FAVE Awards Hall of Fame will recognize individuals with a long-term record of combining their outstanding Creative in the Music & Creative industry with a sustained commitment to supporting other upcoming creatives & music talent.

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From editorial opportunities to event activations and everything in-between, if you’re passionate about supporting the Music & Creative industry then we’d love to hear from you. Smart brands should take advantage of the youth sector, as they’re evidently capable of so much.

Brands can tap into the hearts and minds of the Musicians & Creatives via CONTENT creation and sharing, skills transfer, development workshops and job shadowing that the NRG FAN FACE Awards will provide to nature's talents even MORE! Brands can leverages NRG’s extensive On-Air, On-Ground, digital and social media reach across the country. We are counting on seasoned musicians and creatives to mentor, sharing expertise and speak at FAN FAVE Nominees throughout the campaign. NRG FAN FAVE Awards engagement concepts are unique ways that blow youth consumers’ minds and enhance brand-to-consumer interaction and encourage loyalty.

Brands need to grasp the new definition of fun when it comes to the youth audience and provide a brand Experiences that will win them over NRG FAN FAVE Awards is a Digital innovation with unique Collaboration opportunities for brands to take advantage of and to engage the youth demographic via futuristic yet strategic campaigns, experiences and product releases.

NRG FAN FAVE Awards will offer Engagement that connects on an emotional level. NRG FAN FAVE Awards marketing campaign will use creative content, beyond Logo placement. NRG FAN FAVE Awards will engage with our audience most with living, breathing content that’s alive and well with tech-infused interactivity to communicate content in a truly revolutionary way.

Engagement and reactiveness is crucial, where youth are free to share their thoughts in real time.